Excelkerala development perspectives

A local primary health centre, where Doctors and all staff come on time, treat all patients with care and compassion, stock good quality medicines and engage in community outreach and health awareness initiatives to assure overall healthcare of the community around.
A Panchayat level agricultural office that identifies farmer’s problems and unfelt needs, act as their advisor in order to assure a margin of returns from farming through crop selection, crop and soil care, crop insurance and marketing information.

A local bank branch that identifies the financial needs and problems of the people of its service area, advise proactively and provide financial services linking to capacity building of the people to be productive and responsible financial partners.

A University that acts as the centre of excellence in research, education and extension, spurring economic growth through local entrepreneurship development and seeding start – ups, timely publishing of research on all local issues for policy guidance and elevate the overall capability level of the younger generation in the area to be creative and productive participants to society. Excelkerala considers similar governance systems as development.