Founding Logic

Sathyan Anthicad, noted film director, asked a question in the final Manorama News Maker of the year 2015, to Jacob Thomas, about establishing an organization to address corruption in our society. There was no ready answer at that moment on this complex issue. But this question led to thoughts eventually resulting in ‘ExcelKerala’ as a platform to address the issue.

The conceptual framework of ExcelKerala started from a few fundamental thoughts: Why we need to prevent corruption?; how can we prevent it?; and who are all the persons who are to be essentially on board? Higher quality of life of all people in Kerala is the ‘why’ part of ExcelKerala, which is proposed to be achieved by adopting the sustainable development targets of Agenda 2030 declared by the United Nations in 2015. Thus the result of sustainable development is higher quality of life at three levels: personal well-being, family/group well-being and community/societal level well-being.

Adopting all the 10 principles of good governance identified by UNDP is considered by Excel Kerala as the 'how' of preventing corruption. If we monitor and assure these 10 good governance aspects in all governance decisions, actions and impact, there will not be much space left for abuse of power, abuse of functions and obstructions of justice by those at the governing side.

Corruption as defined by the United Nations Convention Against Corruption which is ratified by India in 2011 and the annual Anti-corruption themes proposed by UNODC as part of implementing it forms the tools of action by Excel Kerala.

Well- being/Higher quality of Life
Implementing the targets of UN Agenda 2030
10 principles of good governance of UNDP
UNODC themes of Anti-corruption and UNCAC definition of corruption
Measured by QOL index, Happiness index, well-being index, pollution indicators, corruption perception index